Rough Terrain Crane Axle

Our Rough Terrain crane axles are designed to cater to wide range of payload requirements varying from 25T to 60T. Our New Generation drive axles for Rough Terrain cranes enable customization in axle length and section to meet specific strength, capacity and track requirements. They set new standards with industry-leading efficiency, the lightest weight in class and superior braking. They also offer lowest Total Cost of Ownership and better serviceability.

Rough Terrain Crane Type Axle Load Kg Overall Axle Ratio Brake Type Mounting Center mm Flange-to-flange mm
25 T 14,000 17.6 Dry Disc Brake 750 2,300
35 T 17,000 16.56 Dry Disc Brake 1,020 2,609
60 T 26,000 30.75 Dry Disc Brake 920 2,472
  • Axle section and length can be customized for strength, capacity and track requirements
  • Housing allows integration of support bracket
  • Application flexibility to suit all conditions