High Mobility Independent Suspension (HMIS)

Meritor’s High Mobility Independent Suspension (HMIS) system offers the best solution for demanding military tactical wheeled vehicle requirements. The configuration is ideal to improve ride quality and mobility on armored vehicles and the 35° turn angle offers optimum maneuverability. Modular architecture allows for common gearing and suspension components to be used across an entire family of vehicles and multiple chassis types. Proven Meritor designed carrier and Hub reduction offer unmatched reliability. Along with ductile iron housing provide increased ground clearance and optimum maneuverability. This range of axles are available in 4x4, 6x6 and 8x8 applications with 6.8 Tonne capacity of each axle resulting in improved payload and mobility. Steel coil springs for durability along with 17” of wheel travel for maximum off-road ability.

Optional Limited slip or No-Spin differential along with ABS & Central Tire Inflation (CTI) ready wheel ends provides the vehicle with extreme maneuverability and road capability. Stopmaster® self adjusting drums brake with an option to fit disc brakes offer the best in terms of safety and stopping power

Improved Mobility & Ride Quality:

  • Higher wheel travel allows for higher speeds in off-road environments
  • Greater ground clearance for improved obstacle maneuvers
  • Enhanced ride comfort results in reduced driver fatigue

Greater Vehicle Stability & Durability:

  • Higher roll stiffness improves rollover protection and safety
  • Reduced chassis input forces lead to better overall vehicle reliability and lower life cycle costs
  • Increased load carrying capacity means additional

Parts Commonality & Ease of Retrofitability:

  • Integrates existing FMTV Differential Carriers, Geared Wheelends and Brakes
  • Provides lower cost of acquisition
  • Low impact to service parts and training
  • Utilizes existing wheel and 395/85R20 tire
  • Adaptable to fit 16.00R20 tire as option